Detail the types of ball mill liners and their respective roles

As a traditional wear-resistant material, the ball mill liner provides good protection for the inner wall of the windlass. According to the manufacturer’s many years of experience, if the ball mill liner is made into different shapes, this can greatly improve the grinding effect of the ball mill. , thereby improving the efficiency of the ball mill. The following is the main classification of ball mill liner manufacturers for the ball mill liner:


Figure (1) Ball mill liner installation site

1. Flat-type ball mill liner with flat surface suitable for installation in fine grinding bins.

2, the bead type ball mill liner, suitable for rough grinding bins, suitable for ball mills with low speed.

3. Step type ball mill liner, step liner is better than bead liner, suitable for installation in rough grinding bin.

4. Small corrugated linings have small peaks and pitches, suitable for fine grinding and coal grinding.

5. The end cap liner is mounted on the end cap of the grinding head or the end cap of the cylinder to protect the end cap from wear.

 6. The groove groove lining casts a circular arc groove on the T surface of the lining plate, and forms an annular groove after installation, which is suitable for the first and second bins of multi-storage grinding, dry and wet grinding Machines are available.

7. Graded lining, the ideal state for the grinding operation of the ball mill should be that the large-grained material is impacted and pulverized by the large-diameter grinding body, that is, the grinding body is equipped with a large-diameter grinding body in the feeding direction of the mill, along with the material. As the direction of discharge is gradually reduced, the abrasive body should also be successively reduced.


Figure (2) Ball mill rubber liner

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